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Stadia Pro: Google now offers a trial version without credit card

Google has changed the conditions for trying the Stadia Pro service: from now on, it will no longer be mandatory to register a credit card. A simple Google account is enough. However, the duration of a session without means of payment is only 30 minutes. To take full advantage of the free trial month, the credit card is always requested before starting to play.

stadia trial without credit card

Anyone wishing to venture into streaming video games knows that it takes a good Internet connection to enjoy an excellent level of service. Otherwise, the video stream is not of good quality and the response time is too long. Which obviously offers a degraded experience. Especially since services such as Stadia promise graphics that can reach the 4K HDR with sound in 5.1 surround. Google’s Stadia advocates a connection minimum of 10 Mb / s and a flow of 35 Mb / s to play in 4K.

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How do you know if you have a sufficient connection to play Stadia? You obviously have the technical testing tools offered by Google. But nothing really beats a real gaming session to measure image quality and response time. For this, Google offers new Stadia users to try the Pro version of its service for free for a month. And if you are not convinced, you switch to the standard version.

Remember that Stadia Pro allows you to play instantly (no waiting line),buy games with a promotion and even play some titles for free. However, until now, Google required users to enter a credit card before testing Stadia Pro. “No arms. No chocolate. »Even if you weren’t going to spend anything during the trial month.

A possibility to try the service without a bank card, but …

Recently, Google made a slight change. It is now possible, at least across the Atlantic (but the functionality should arrive soon in Europe), totry Stadia Pro without a credit card. If you’ve never had the 30-day trial and have a Google Account, head over to Stadia and click Try Now. Instead of asking you for a credit card number, the service then displays the logo, then the service interface where you can launch one of the games offered at no additional cost with Stadia Pro.

There is obviously something unsaid. A trial session without a bank card only lasts half an hour. Yes, 30 minutes. This is the time that the company gives players to quickly launch a game and try out the service in real life and to measure the quality of your connection. Once the 30 minutes have elapsed, you are kicked out of the service. To continue using the service, you must subscribe to the one-month free trial offer. With entry of the bank card.

Source: 9to5Google