SRF offers a connect collar for dogs

Weenect had already launched a GPS beacon intended to reassure parents by making it possible to geolocate their offspring last year. After "My little tag" (Weenect Kids), the company is now targeting man's best friend through his Weenect Pets, a GPS collar for dogs.

weenect pets 2 The collar in question has a GPS chip as well as a SIM card and should thus make it possible to geolocate the dog which is equipped with it at any time, everywhere. The article will be particularly suitable for owners who let their dog roam alone in the woods, but also near water bodies, since the whole wants to be waterproof, and benefits from a reinforced design to absorb possible shocks .

The dog owner can at any time geolocate his companion from a tablet or smartphone, and even retrieve the history of the animal's walks.

The Weenect Pets also acts as a preventive object, since it will be possible to determine a circle outside which one does not wish to see his animal moving away. In this case, when MΓ©dor crosses this virtual border, the owner will automatically receive an SMS to alert him.

The device announces an autonomy of four days, the collar being rechargeable from a specific base.

weenect pets 1

The Weenect Pets is offered today from SFR sales outlets at a price of 129.99 euros, to which you will need to add a subscription to 49 euros per year for location. Cat owners are not forgotten and an adapted model should quickly see the light of day.