Square Enix cloud gaming technical dmo

Square Enix cloud gaming technical dmo


The editor Square Enix recently released a technical demo of Shinra Technologies, its cloud gaming solution that will be offered to development studios to deliver performance on their video games.

Revealed last September, the company Shinra Technologies clearly uses the name of the organization in Final Fantasy VII, but has a specific purpose: to deliver a solution cloud gaming video game development companies.

Shinra Technologies - cloud gaming "height =" 132 "width =" 245It is through high performance data centers that Square Enix intends to offer something robust to support games.

While we await a first beta test which will be deployed in the summer of 2015 in the United States (with access earlier via Google Fiber), a technical demo was freshly published through the Gamespot site.

The video below presents the performance of the cloud gaming solution, highlighting the processing of many objects on the screen and processed by the RAM, independent management of artificial intelligence, advanced physics with in particular terrain distortion and other effects of movement of liquids.