the company that attacked at the end of 2014 already almost no longer exists

Spy: Edward Snowden would boycott the iPhone

the others are also no better so why only titrate on the iPhone ?!

it is sure that Google big brother with Android is more secure than Apple !!! ptdr no matter what! Google is just as American as Apple so subject to the authorities … And the NSA is not going to attack the OS in near monopoly ?! hahahahahaha lol there.

On one side you have the most secure and closed system in the world, Apple and on the other Google / Maps / Gmail / Chrome / Android / etc etc etc which steal all our data via the search engine, the cartography, the videos , the emails that he reads all without being authorized, the browser and the smartphone OS !!! and intersects all of this so knows everything about our tastes and sexual, political, religious orientations etc etc etc

Not to mention that more than half of Android apps are malware !!! But Apple, which does not spy on it and drastically limits spying on apps, so it is less certain !!! I read some bullshit but there it exceeds everything!

and everyone continues without verifying anything to believe each exit from the Snowden which we do not know very well who it serves apart from itself: the Russians? NSA to smoke everyone? Even if Edouard had everything out of the beginning but there no, quiet he made his little publicity constantly by showing himself regularly, the time to make the next plot!

The Doudou problem is that your super NSA which could nothing before compared to the fictions and could more than science fiction, hben it is unable to stop as well the anonymous as the other pirates, the big banditry and the mafias, the hijadists of the cyber war, none of that !!! therefore the reality is very far from the fiction: it is not contradictory and curious that before when the NSA could not much it succeeded better than now where it could all and more?! and she cannot eliminate you or take back her data! if it were true he would no longer be there to release all his myths !!! drop your coms, you're like a coward: super z'hros not super hros!