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Sprint Nextel to release iPhone 5 in mid-October

Sprint Nextel to release iPhone 5 in mid-October

The iPhone 5 wouldn't be available in the U.S. until mid-October. In addition, it could be distributed for the first time by Sprint Nextel, the third largest wireless operator in the United States, reported on Tuesday The WallStreet Journal.

"The calendar indicates that the new Apple iPhone will arrive on the market later than expected," said the business daily, citing sources close to the case. The new device, the iPhone 5, is expected to be "thinner and lighter" than the iPhone 4 and equipped with an "improved" camera and an "more sophisticated" operating system, the paper said.

Contacted by AFP, Apple did not respond immediately. When the publication of its quarterly results in mid-July, the group's chief financial officer had only indicated that there would soon be “a transition to a new product” which should “have an impact on the results” of the quarter ending at the end of September.Sprint Nextel will become the occasion for the launch of the iPhone 5, the third operator to distribute Apple’s products.AT & T had exclusivity on the iPhone since its first version launched in 2007 until February, when Verizon Wireless has started to market the iPhone 4.

At the same time, Apple could produce a cheaper iPhone 4, with a capacity of 8GB. This iPhone 4 would replace the current entry-level iPhone 3GS in the catalog. This iPhone 4 would be no different from the current model except its storage capacity.

Sprint Nextel could allow Apple to sell several million additional iPhones thanks to its 52 million customers and their very advantageous unlimited plans.

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Via AFP and Geeko