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Spotify with native karaok

After Deezer, it's Spotify's turn to go into karaoke mode. This novelty concerns the Spotify application on the computer for which the deployment of an update is in progress.

The novelty is more precisely a native integration. There is indeed a touch of deja-vu since it was already possible to install the Musixmatch application in Spotify to obtain the same effect. And it is precisely in partnership with the Musixmatch service that the lyrics of the songs appear on the screen.

Spotify also takes the opportunity to announce the improvement of the activity flow to see the playlists, titles and artists that friends are listening to, as well as so-called viral rankings which are updated daily in order to find the most shared titles in the world or in his country.

Spotify claims more than 60 million active users per month and more than 15 million paying users.