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Spotify will allow you to customize your playlists on Android from every angle

Spotify regularly brings small novelties concerning its interface. Today’s one concerns the Playlist cover, which will now be customizable on Android. The thing is available for a handful of users and could land for everyone in the next few days or weeks.

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Playlists on Spotify are at the center of the user experience. You can make your own compilations but also share them with the whole world and listen to those of others. The cover image of these Playlists can be edited on the desktop version of the application, but not on Android. One thing that is likely to change.

When you create a Playlist directly from the Android app, the featured image is automatically generated. It is compiled with four album visuals sorted in the list. A new version of the Playlists edit page now allows you to change this image, according to some Reddit users.

On your Playlist on Android, you will simply have to press the three small dots at the top right to modify it. It will always be possible to change the name or the order of the songs. Everything looks very easy to use, as usual with Spotify. While this will not drastically change the lives of users, it’s always a nice addition for those who like to have control over all aspects of their compilations. No need to go through a PC, therefore. A good thing.

Spotify regularly adds features

Spotify regularly likes to add nice little things about its application in order to make life easier for users. Regarding the Playlists, the confinement was an opportunity to launch group sessions to stay connected with friends. Even more, the platform has enabled listeners to have over 10,000 titles in their library. Convenient for professionals, for example. Other small, discreet additions have also been made over the months. For example, it is now possible to find a song only thanks to its lyrics. Ideal if you have the song in your head without knowing its title or the artist.

In any case, we can hope for an arrival of in-depth changes to Playlists on Android very soon.

The new Playlist edit window

Source: Reddit