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Spotify wants to offer a similar voice command OK Google, but why so?

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A new function was recently discovered in the last update of the Spotify application. A voice activation command should soon be activated by the audio streaming service. A command which will activate with the phrase Hey Heyify and which implies that the application will cost permanently when it is active.

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Do you use the integrated voice assistant on your smartphone daily? Whether Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana or Bixby? If the answer is yes, you are part of a minority. Because, studies show it: smartphone users use their voice assistant to try and give up quickly after. There are some exceptions, such as connected speakers which are difficult to control without going through voice commands.

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There will however be a new voice command that you can activate without touching the phone. It will be offered by Spotify which will be very soon formalize the arrival of this new feature in its application. A key phrase will activate voice commands to search for a song and launch a playlist. This sentence is: Hey spotify. did you remember anything?

Listen continuously when the application is active

This new function, called Voice, was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a specialist in reverse engineering. The latter posted on Twitter the message which you can see below and which is accompanied by an explicit screenshot. In this screenshot, we discover that its activation implies a permanent listening of the audio signal received by the microphone of the telephone. This will only be done if the application is open and active. This means that it does not work when the application is in the background. It remains to be seen how the personal data produced by this permanent cost is managed.

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Remember that the Spotify application is already capable of accepting voice commands. However, usage is not as natural. Today you have to press a virtual key to activate listening to the microphone. With the Hey Spotify command, voice interactions should become smoother.

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