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Spotify prepares its arrival on the Apple Watch

Spotify prepares its arrival on the Apple Watch

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spotify-music ipa ipad iphoneIn February, an independent developer had successfully ported Spotify (App, iPhone and iPad, v8.3.0, 4.5 / 5, VF, 123 MB, iOS 8.0) on the Apple Watch, under the name of Snowy.

The Swedish company had not particularly appreciated the initiative, asking it to change the name of its project, but the leaders of the multinational changed their minds. Instead, they decided to recruit developer Andrew Chang.

Spotify soon on Apple Watch

No official date for the release of this application has been given, but since M.Chang's work is ultra-professional, its adaptation should not be too long.

Among the strengths of Snowy, users highlighted in particular the possibility of synchronizing offline content, controls for playback or even the integration of voice commands with Siri.

As a reminder, Spotify has already been present for some time on smartwatches running Android Wear.

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