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Spotify: Like Google, Apple could pay billions of dollars in fines


Posted: March 18 2019
Updated: March 17, 2019

by Steve

As you probably already know, Spotify recently filed a complaint with the European Commission against the giant apple, Apple, for unfair competition and abuse of a dominant position. A decision which is explained by the 30% commission that the Cupertino firm takes on each purchase on its App store, forcing its competitors to raise their prices to remain competitive with Apple’s services.

spotify apple 2 - Spotify: like Google, Apple could pay billions of dollars in fines

In other words, the apple brand may be in trouble. A few days ago, Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, asked Apple the following question: ” If you are both the host [de l’App Store] and the competitor [avec Apple Music], how should you behave when you have acquired a certain market status yourself? “, Implying therefore that she was not going to take Apple’s side in the matter.

According to European Commission discoveries, the same commissioner told the German newspaper Tagesspiegel : ” We have to look at the role of Apple and the App Store. If we conclude that they have a dominant position on the market, the case would then be comparable to our proceedings against Google ” As a reminder, the European Commission imposed two record fines on the web giant: the first was 4.3 billion euros for abuse of a dominant position with Android. The second was 2.4 billion euros for favoring Google Shopping, a price comparison, over the competition. And a third fine should fall on him next week, because of his advertising network AdSense. To see if Apple will suffer the same fate.