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Spotify files complaint against Apple, which “stifles innovation”


Posted: March 13 2019
Updated: March 13, 2019

by Steve

The number one in music streaming, the Swedish giant Spotify, announced on Wednesday European Commission in order to file a complaint against Apple ! The objective? Report an abuse of a dominant position in the online music market.

Apple operates a platform that, for over a billion people worldwide, is the gateway to the Internet “Says Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek. ” Apple is both the owner of the iOS platform and the App Store – and a competitor of services such as Spotify “, He continues. And to deduce: ” On its App Store, it puts into practice rules which voluntarily limit and restrict the choices of users, acting both as a player on the field, and as a referee

spotify app - Spotify files a complaint against Apple, which

Apple takes 30% commission on sales of Apps and subscriptions on the App Store. In this regard, the CEO says that this “ tax [le] force to artificially raise the price of Spotify subscriptions, which would then be more expensive than Apple’s service, Apple Music ” What Spotify refuses.

Spotify therefore requires the European Commission to impose fair competition between the owner of the App Store and the developers who use it. Daniel Ek’s testimony echoes the will of an American senator, who wants to “dismantle” Apple because of its App Store.