Spotify failure: the music streaming service is no longer responding

This Wednesday, November 16, from around 9:30 am, the Spotify music streaming platform is encountering very big difficulties. A large number of users can no longer play any song, can no longer access the search engine, or are even unable to connect to the service.

Spotify failure

Black week for the web today: after a crash on the part of Google on a global level last Monday, it is the turn of the servers of Spotify to know big worries. Since this morning, problems have been piling up for users, some of whom can no longer even connect to the streaming service. And when they do, other bugs present themselves: they can’t play a song or access the inaccessible search engine.

At the time of writing and as users of the Downdetector site report, the blackout affects all regions of France. But the problem does not seem to concern France alone. On Twitter, messages from all over Europe are pouring in, indicating that in Spain or the United Kingdom Spotify is also inaccessible. The crash therefore affects all of Europe, but seems to have spared the rest of the world.

On our side and on the accounts of the various members of the editorial staff, we encountered the following problems: sometimes music listening works, but it is the possibility of searching for a title that is ineffective. Sometimes it is literally impossible for us to connect to the streaming service, either via a web page or the mobile application. Spotify argues that the password is wrong, and a reset attempt is unsuccessful.

Twitter account Spotify Status allows you to be officially kept informed of the slightest problem encountered by the streaming service. Spotify has yet to officially comment on where the crash came from, but we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as we have more information.