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Spotify available this Wednesday in Belgium

Spotify available this Wednesday in Belgium

We were talking to you yesterday of Spotify’s impending arrival in Belgium. The information has now been confirmed by Vincent Van Quickenborne on his Twitter account.

The revelations of Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne AFP

The Minister for Enterprise in charge of "Information and Communication Technology" confirms the arrival of the music streaming service in Belgium and also indicates the three price plans that will be offered:

– Free.– Unlimited (4.99 per month) .– Premium (9.99 per month).

So far, the Spotify site is announcing availability for the coming days, but it looks like a few lucky people have received an invitation code that will allow them to test the new service first.

As a reminder, Spotify is a music platform that offers millions of songs on the air. Unlike iTunes, this is about streaming and not downloading files to the hard drive of a computer. If he therefore does not physically have the songs from his audio library, the user can however have them available on various terminals (Spotify offers, for example, an iPhone application). A sort of gigantic virtual jukebox, in short.

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