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Spelling Projet Voltaire1.14

Mobile version of the browser version, this program, initiated by Voltaire Certification, constitutes a fun and well thought out solution for all those who wish to improve their spelling. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the Voltaire Project is available in a very limited free version and a full paid version from 6.99 euros.

Like a TOIEC or a TOEFL for English, the Voltaire Certification is seen more and more by schools and recruiters concerned with mastering spelling. To establish the notoriety of this test and provide a less austere approach to the material, the Voltaire Project, an online software based on an original learning method, now available on mobile platforms. What make you lose the habit of relying only on a spell checker, such as Speckie.

At each “game” session, sentences are proposed to the user, one after the other: it is up to him to determine if they contain an error. If this is the case, it is a question of designating the part of the sentence concerned. Whether your answer is good or bad, the solution is automatically revealed, fleshed out with the corresponding spelling rule and concrete examples.

Where this method turns out to be intelligent, it is in the adaptability of the program to the difficulties of the user. Indeed, he targets his shortcomings and adapts each game session accordingly, guiding the questions and extending the experience until the problematic spelling rules are mastered. The difficulties pointed out by the application represent common errors of language and writing, not dwelling on obscure and rare grammar points.

Thanks to its simple principle, the Voltaire Project is perfectly suited for an experience on mobile platforms. The free version of it is limited to 3 levels: far too little to hope to reach a solid level of spelling. As for the full version, it has 14 levels of difficulty: it will cost you 6.99 euros on Android and Windows Phone, 7.99 euros on iOS.