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SpeechTrans unveils iPhone 5? – Belgium-iPhone

SpeechTrans unveils iPhone 5? - Belgium-iPhone

While the new generation of the iPhone was not announced at the Apple press conference on June 6, a translation application using voice recognition reveals a smartphone that could look like the iPhone 5.

Buzz or simple negligence? The least we can say is that the editor of the SpeechTrans application has found a good way to be talked about! If this application has existed for many months on the App Store, the last update, it, integrated in its description iPhone revealing screenshots with a notch wider than the iPhone currently sold. Presumably a 4 ″ panel, which corresponds to this rumor which has been advancing for a few months depending on the fact that the next generation of the iPhone may have a larger screen.

If the captured display actually shows a larger screen, the front of the machine, it does not resume the remote flash on the right as also indicated by these same rumors which are also more and more insistent this subject.

No one knows the intentions of the developers of SpeechTrans on this subject but one thing seems at least certain as far as they are concerned: the iPhone 4 is already out of date;)

note that the SpeechTrans app uses Nuance's speech recognition technology. a technology which should be natively integrated on iOS 5, in final version.

So, bluff or not?

SpeechTrans on the App Store.

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