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Special Event: Apple could present "iAd"

Steve Jobs

One more rumor is added to the Special Event organized by Apple this thursday april 8. According to Peter Kafka from All Thing Digital, it could be that Apple, in addition to presenting its new firmware for the iPhone (iPhone OS 4.0), also announces its new advertising system called β€œIAd”.

This new program is the logical continuation of the Cupertino firm following the acquisition of Quattro Wireless, last February, specializes in advertising for mobile devices (read this article). Apple should, after all, allow developers to integrate advertising into their applications from the new SDK (iPhone application development kit, editor's note) which will be available soon. And Kafka added that Google would not be very comfortable following this introduction of a major competitor. It must be admitted that the multifaceted Internet glove almost has a monopoly on the Internet advertising sector. Apple saw the potential to generate gains in exactly the same way as for sales of iPhone applications on the App Store: distribution of turnover up to 70% for the developer and 30% of commission taken by the Cupertino company.

Summary of possible announcements for this Thursday, April 8:

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(Via Engadget)