how Microsoft criticizes Chrome for pushing you to adopt Edge

Spartan gives up Microsoft Edge (support for extensions)

Windows 10's default browser now has a name other than Project Spartan, which was temporary. Drum roll… it's officially Microsoft Edge. It will be recalled that EdgeHTML (or Edge) is the name of the new rendering engine from Microsoft. That certainly explains that. What is more, it keeps a familiar logo.

For Microsoft Edge, it has not been revealed much compared to what was already known with Project Spartan (available in test since build 10061 Windows). During its BUILD conference, Microsoft however mentioned a New Tab page personalized with content (links, thumbnails of sites visited, Web applications used …) and in particular thanks to Cortana.

Microsoft-Edge-New-TabThere was still a confirmation with the support of Web extensions for Microsoft Edge, and in this case coded in HTML and JavaScript to do in standards. With only a few " small minor changes ", extensions for Chrome and Firefox will work on Microsoft Edge.

This announcement about Microsoft Edge came after a presentation of the latest improvements (mainly in terms of user interface) of Windows 10 on the computer. They had largely leaked with builds 10102 and 10074 of Windows 10 released in the wild.

What did not leak, however, is the return of Jump Lists, the suggestion of Windows Store applications by Cortana in a dedicated insert. Cortana which will also allow, for example, to ask in natural language to start a conversation with a particular contact via a specific application.

Optional and called Windows Spotlight, this feature for Windows 10 concerns the lock screen to display a personal flow of information, highlight certain applications, offer an image in line with the user's tastes… One objective is to highlight the Windows ecosystem based on how the device is used.