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SpaceX satellite internet enters public beta in six months

Image 1 : Starlink : l’internet par satellite de SpaceX entre en bêta publique dans six mois

SpaceX adds 60 additional minisatellites to the Stralink constellation. The opportunity for Elon Musk to announce the opening of a private beta in 3 months followed by a public beta in 6 months. A historic flight also for the Falcon 9 which became the most express American launcher with 84 flights.

Wednesday evening, the launcher's F84 mission Falcon 9 of SpaceX launched 60 additional mini-satellites into orbit from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A smooth flight which once again demonstrates the reliability of the American fuse which saw its first floor return for the fourth time on the barge Of Course I Still Love You after an eight-minute flight. A launch that carries the constellation Starlink 420 satellites.

Image 1: Starlink: SpaceX satellite internet enters public service in six monthsCrdit: SpaceX

Elon Musk Take the opportunity to give us a quick overview of the chances coming on Twitter. The network Starlink will be open in private beta within three months before moving on in public beta in 6 months. due to two launches per month, the constellation should bring together 1140 mini-satellites. Enough to start tests, but not to open them to the world. Elon Musk clarified in his tweet that the public beta will be reserved at high latitudes. Beyond the 45th parallel a priori since in another tweet, the boss SpaceX specifies that the Germans will be able to participate.

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SpaceX's Falcon 9 surpasses Atlas 5 to become the most experienced American launcher

A new successful launch which constitutes a historic day in the career of the Falcon 9. In service since June 2010, the SpaceX launcher now displays 84 launches against 83 for the Atlas 5 of the United Launch Alliance, which nevertheless made its first flight eight years earlier. We wish the same fate for the StarlinerCST-100 and Crew Dragon shuttles. The SpaceX capsule is due to make its first habit flight in mid-May to replace the Soyuz capsule, which alone has been ensuring the relief of ISS astronauts for 9 years.

Source: Twitter