Spacecraft 3D5.3

Spacecraft 3D5.3

Spacecraft 3D is a good educational application allowing you to observe in detail the various NASA devices in augmented reality. Although the app is in English, it is simple to use and the result is very beautiful!

What does this app offer?

Edited by Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the same people who build NASA’s unmanned vehicles, Spacecraft 3D is an application which allows you to visualize the different devices thanks to augmented reality. In practice, it offers the opportunity for the youngest and astronomy enthusiasts to better understand the machines that have made the history of the space conquest.

How to do ?

To function properly, the user must either print the marker or display it on another screen, in both cases, an integrated camera and good brightness are essential. Once the marker in place and stationary, just choose the machine to see it in 3D, rotate them and deploy certain on-board tools.0208000008756646-photo-spacecraft-3d.jpg

The available gear

The different modules, rockets and satellites are classified into categories, some of which are available for free download. We find in particular Curiosity on Mars, the various observation satellites in orbit around the Earth, the Cassini, Voyager and Juno probes, several NASA rockets as well as the Hubble telescope or an imposing observation antenna.

To go further, additional information in English is available for each machine.