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SoundHound, a free Christmas Shazam

SoundHound, a free Christmas Shazam

As part of its “12 days of iTunes gifts”, Apple is offering to download SoundHound for free, an application in the vein of Shazam, which allows you to recognize music by pointing your iPhone towards speakers.

Well-known to owners of other media, on which SoundHound has been strangely free since its launch, SoundHound is Shazam's direct competitor. In a matter of seconds, this app lets you identify a song and view artist and album details.

Apple, which announced “12 days of iTunes gifts” from December 26, apparently decided to offer a gift in advance by offering SoundHound on the App Store. The application is certainly only in English but it turns out to be a nice Shazam alternative and offers an interface that is both simple and stylish. To get SoundHound, go to this link.

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