Sound quality: why the iPhone performs better than its competitors?

Sound quality: why the iPhone performs better than its competitors?

iPhoneThis is not an absolute rule, but rather an observation: the iPhone is, in general, more efficient in terms of sound quality than its competitors under Android. But, the question is why?

Why will an iPhone most of the time have higher sound and volume than Android devices? Whether with the speakers, but especially with headphones or headphones.

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The iPhone has better sound quality than its competitors under Android

The answer is as simple as it is complicated, but you have to understand that smartphones and devices all have a digital / analog converter. It is this converter which plays an ultra-important role in terms of sound quality, especially when using headphones.

So yes, the brand and model of these famous cutters will also influence, but it is not the most important. Buy the most expensive and most efficient model, if your converter is not good, the sound will not be either.

The difference is therefore played with this converter, or let's call it DAC (Digital Analog Converter), and you should know that Apple develops its own internally, specially designed for its iPhone.

Android devices, in general, use a generic DAC, which was not designed and designed for the phone in question. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are starting to take this detail seriously and develop an in-house converter, as is the case with LG.

In the near future, the sound quality gap between iOS and Android should therefore be reduced significantly …