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SoulCalibur dbarque on the App Store

SoulCalibur dbarque on the App Store

The editor Namco has released SoulCalibur, the first of its name, on the Stpre App. SoulCalibur is still considered today as one of the biggest fighting games in 3D. Originally released on Dreamcast, it has built a reputation through the realism of its highly technical confrontations.

One of the legends of 3D fighting games is now available for iDevices. The iOS game takes all the characters and modes from the original version and will just change the grip, which is done with the digital stick on the touch screen of the iDevice. Everything is compatible with the Game Center, for tearful confrontations more thrilling than ever

Soul Calibur is offered with a 20% reduction for its launch. The game is available for iPhone and iPad priced at 9.99.

We discuss it on the forum.

Video demonstration: