soon personalization grows with Moto Maker like Moto X

soon personalization grows with Moto Maker like Moto X

Despite criticism from the competition, Motorola Mobility continues to experiment with advanced personalization for its mobile products. From March 2015, it is the connected watch Moto 360 under Android Wear who can go through the service Moto Maker.

Moto 360 According to Wired, The connected watch can be prepared according to the consumer's wishes with choice of colors or materials of the different elements. It will be possible to choose a silver, black or gold color watch case and opt for a leather or metal strap in two sizes.

Finally, the user can choose the digital dial of his choice among 11 possibilities and which will be the one he will discover when starting his personalized Moto 360 watch for the first time.

This possibility of choosing the finish of the watch would have been decided since the creation of Moto Maker, hitherto intended for the smartphone Moto X, but the manufacturer had to wait for the Android Wear environment to be formalized before offering this service for its connected gadget.

In fact, the Moto Maker customization service is likely to be more widely used in the manufacturer's offer, insofar as it brings differentiation and a choice that it would not be possible to distribute in a standard offer.