Apple takeover of Shazam: Brussels tick

soon image recognition

Shazam quickly made a name for itself on smartphones by proposing an original functionality: identifying the title of a song simply by listening to a few seconds of the song from the terminal's microphone.

Shazam-iPhone Over the years, the module has expanded with new services, such as the integration of links to buy the titles in question from the various MP3 sales platforms, or similar music suggestions.

Coming soon, Shazam should go even further with image recognition: "For the first time, we will use the smartphone's photo lens to unlock content" Rich Riley told AFP.

To do this, Shazam turned to Digimarc to exploit its code overlay technology in an image. These codes invisible to the human eye are perfectly identified by the algorithms of the technology of the company, and can thus refer to online content.

The user will only have to photograph what they want: from the cover of a DVD film to access its online sale, to the pages of a magazine to photograph a dish and access its recipe.

And that's not all, since Shazam has also announced that it wants to move directly into connected objects: bracelets and smart watches to start.

"Where operating systems like iOS and Android are deployed, it makes sense to find Shazam, whether on your wrists, televisions or in cars."