Soon fingerprint readers in Samsung watches?

Image 1 : BientĂ´t des lecteurs d'empreinte dans les montres Samsung ?

Image 1: Soon fingerprint readers in Samsung watches?

After smartphones, connected watches? If it has been rumored for weeks that the Galaxy S10, the future high-end smartphone from Samsung, will integrate a new type of biometric ultrasonic pressure sensor, Patently Mobile reveals that this technology could also be used in the manufacturer’s next smart watches.

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The blog spotted a patent filed by Samsung at the US Patent Office details a technology called “Force Touch” which will offer a different functionality, but complementary to the fingerprint reader integrated into the screen. The proposed illustration clearly shows a watch whose back will be able to measure pressure applied.

Note that this information is to be taken conditional, smartphone manufacturers do not necessarily use the many patents they file. It could therefore very well be that initially, Samsung only offers optical pressure sensors, like the competition. According to the information provided in the document, “the screens, the sensors as well as the stylus sensors will eventually be able to detect a pressure, a gesture or even hovering over the screen with a stylus”. LCD, OLED or LED? The details of the type of panel used to support this technology are still vague, and as the world’s leading manufacturer of screens, Samsung is spoiled for choice. The Galaxy S10, considered the brand’s flagship product, should be released at the start of 2019.

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