Soon a music streaming service for Beats?

Soon a music streaming service for Beats?

meta-dj-for-iphThe headphone manufacturer has announced its intention to launch a streaming music listening service "in the coming monthsThis new competitor of Spotify, Pandora and other Google Music would count stand out with recommendations through personalized playlists.

For Luke Wood, the boss of Beats Electronics, "we are talking about a real depth of personalization by knowing who I am, who you are, what we listen to, what we like, what we have listened to before and so to offer music that really matches our needs. likes.

This kind of presentation is easy to do when the product is not yet unveiled, but nothing can say that these personalized recommendations will be sufficiently accurate to attract customers from other platforms.

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The service will be only available in the United States to get started, but nothing prevents you to register now, waiting for Beats Music to quickly arrive in France.