Google Chrome: 10 years already!

soon a directly integrated adblocker?

European press publishers of the Digital News Initiative (DNI) are currently reflecting with Google on a way to dissuade Internet users from using an adblocker, and more specifically Adblock Plus. And the preferred solution is amazing, since it involves integrating an ad blocker directly into Chrome.

Carlo d'Asaro Biondo, president of Google Europe indicates that "The idea is to find together an approach to advertising that makes it unnecessary for the user to use an adblocker. We believe that Internet users are not against advertising, which they know is necessary for the sustainability of the media. They're actually against certain types of ad formats, including mobile, that are too intrusive. "


The problem for most adblockers is to make no difference between advertising formats. All are blocked regardless of their level of "toxicity" to the reader, which handicaps all sites, including those making efforts to focus on the content. AdBlock Plus does offer a whitelist system, but making publishers pay is more like racketeering than a viable solution for all parties.

Chrome could thus equip itself with an intelligent ad blocker, which would sort out advertisements that are too intrusive and those that seem tolerable to readers. "We are working with publishers on a charter establishing what is allowed and what is not. The needs are very different from one country to another."

The abandonment of certain advertising formats could present itself as an ideal solution for the readers as for the editors, provided that the inserts do not multiply to fill the eviction of the most intrusive formats.