Sony World Photography Awards recognize best shots from smartphone

Sony World Photography Awards recognize best shots from smartphone

Sony has just announced the verdict of its international photography competition, and this year has something special. Indeed, for this 2015 edition, the competition has adopted a new category, that of the best shots taken from a smartphone.

It must be said that for several years, manufacturers have been emphasizing the photo aspect of their devices, and that after all, the material does not do everything by itself and that it is above all a question of judging the artistic aspect of the photo, taking into account the photographer's eye, the power of the staging …

The winner of this category is Turi Calafato, an Italian photographer who offers us this shot of a couple resting in a square.


He is followed by the Hungarian Janos M Schmidt with a splendid photo of a man against the light on the platform of a station, with a multitude of details and reflections.


In third place, we find the Iranian Ako Salemi for his picture taken from above of a young boy playing with a goat. All photos are available on the Sony website dedicated to the competition.


The opportunity to see that the result of a photo very often depends on a moment and the eye of the photographer, and that it is possible to take superb shots with simple smartphones. We may regret that it is not indicated which smartphone and which application were used for each shot.

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