Sony Vaio T14: Windows 8 Ultrabook

Sony Vaio T14: Windows 8 Ultrabook

Image 1: Sony Vaio T14: Windows 8 Ultrabook

Sony presented a new Ultrabook. Appointed Vaio T14, it will be the standard bearer in its category when Windows 8 is released.

In appearance, the T14 does not revolutionize the genre. It even adopts a design similar to that of the current Vaio T13, in metal and plastic.

His name T14 was not chosen at random. This is a 14 inch Ultrabook. Its chassis being larger than that of its elder, it embeds an optical drive, but not more connectors. This will be done with two USB ports (including a USB 3.0), an HDMI output, an Ethernet port, an audio output and a VGA port.

Several configurations will be available. If we do not yet know the content, we can easily say that they will all be equipped with processors Ivy Bridge, latest generation of Intel Core iX. The Vaio T14 is expected to hit the US market this month starting at $ 670. It has not yet received a date for its release in France, but we bet that it will be available in the wake of Windows 8.

After the announcement, Sony added that its T13 would soon be available with a touchscreen. This option will slightly increase the weight of the machine and the invoice. Count a hundred euros more.