Sony Vaio compatible PS3

Sony Vaio compatible PS3

Image 1: Sony Vaio compatible PS3With the announcement of the update of the PS3 in 3.30, Sony has bet everything on its new 3D compatibility. The Japanese giant has thus obscured another major function of its communication: remote reading from Vaio computers and Sony phones. These two features also brought by this update should delight users of the home console.

Only on future Vaio and some mobiles

Thus, it is possible to control the console remotely through the Wi-Fi network. As we had seen in the test of the Aino, the game is impossible in this configuration. However, playing videos, photos, music, and even uploading to the Playstation Network is applicable for remote playback.

This feature will work with compatible Sony Ericsson mobile phones as well as the next generation of Sony Vaio.

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