Sony sold 10 times more PS5 than PS4 in the first week in Europe

The PS5 sells even better than the PS4. Despite the health and economic crisis, Sony has sold 2,485,482 consoles worldwide since launch. Same story in Europe where the next-gen console has already done better than its illustrious predecessor. In the first week, Sony sold 10 times more PS5s than PS4s in 2013.

Playstation 5 with Dual Sense controller

Available since November 12 in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, the PS5 has already sold 2,485,482 copies, reports VGChartz. The week of November 16-22, 2020, Sony sold 1,001,572 PlayStation 5. During the same period in 2013, only 123,614 PS4s were sold, which is 8 times less. As Sony announced, the PS5 marks the best launch in its history.

The results of the week were boosted by the arrival of the console on the European market. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has opted for a two-week launch. The PlayStation 5 was therefore released in Europe on November 19.

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Better sales than the PS4 in Europe

On the Old Continent, the PS5s have met with tremendous success. The Japanese giant has sold 723,341 consoles the week of launch. De facto, the console sells better than the PS4 on the European market. The former Sony star had sold 76,798 copies the week of its launch in Europe. Here are all the sales figures in Europe and around the world:

Console World Europe
Playstation 5 1,001,572 723,341
Nintendo Switch 827.941 238.815
Xbox Series X | S 252,262 82,073
Playstation 4 123.614 76,798
Xbox one 49,361 9.219
3DS 4.311 2,572

Despite the containment measures against Covid-19, and closing physical stores buyers in many countries are rushing to the PS5s. For now, the new home console is out of stock at most retailers.

The sales gap between PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S continues to widen. Worldwide, Microsoft has yet sold “only” 1,597,648 consoles despite being a few days ahead of Sony. The situation is the same in Europe. 82,073 Xbox were sold on the European market the week of November 16-22. Like the PS5s, the new Xboxes are currently out of stock.

Source: VGChartz