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Something new for Apple's future AR / VR headset [Brevet]

Casque AR/AR Apple

Apple has repeatedly expressed its interest in the world of augmented reality and in the past has filed several patents for an AR / VR headset. None of them have yet been made into a final product, but a new patent filed these days provides further insight into Apple's plans.

AR / AR Apple Headset

According to patent N10 557 724, the Cupertino company is working on the location of the helmet in an open environment. This location does not seem to require the adoption of an external sensor as it does for many other VR headsets or similar products. Thanks to this technology, the sensor is able to understand independently when it is worn and when it is removed from the head. This characteristic would certainly be useful for optimizing the energy consumption of the final product.

Another point in the patent describes how the headset can be capable of generating one or more state signals. This would allow the controller to perform one or more actions in response to the signals. It does not seem that it is objectively very clear how the device can be able to determine its position without external sensors, but in this context it is difficult to make predictions.

This is not the first time, quite the contrary, that a portable device for augmented reality has been covered in Apple's patents. The American glove has indeed protected many of its ideas. However, no AR / VR headset has yet emerged. Rumor has it that it could be launched by 2022.