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Some MacBook Air recalls due to technical problem

Some MacBook Air recalls due to technical problem

It seems that some MacBook Air 2018 are victims of a problem with their motherboard. Aware of the technical concern, Apple recalls several copies in order to repair their costs.

A few days ago, MacRumors claimed that an internal document was circulating in the Apple Store concerning technical problems on a small number of MacBook Air 2018. Apple stores and other repair personnel approved by it received as instructions to replace for free the defective 2018 MacBook Air motherboard.

The memo obtained by 9to5Mac indicated that the concern affected a small number of computers, in particular the MacBook Air Retina 2018 of 13 inches.

The Californian firm should contact by email the customers likely to encounter a problem with their copy in order to invite them to go to an Apple Store or to an authorized partner to check the condition of their computer. In the event of a problem, it will be repaired at Apple's expense.

Several Apple customers have complained about a lack of power in their computer, but also that it just didn't turn on.

La Pomme has not yet publicly announced the problem suffered by some MacBook Air nor listed the case on its web page Extension and extension repair program, but if the number of faulty computer cases increases, it could change.

The repair of the copies concerned is valid for 4 years from the date of initial purchase. If you have a problem with your MacBook Air Retina 2018 13 inch, consider going to an Apple Store to have your computer diagnosed.