Some interesting figures on the Apple Watch 2, 1/3 of customers have the 1!

Some interesting figures on the Apple Watch 2, 1/3 of customers have the 1!

icon apple watchAccording to the latest Slice Intelligence report, many owners of the first version of Apple Watch
would have been seduced by this 2nd version, we remind you all about this new version here. According to the figures of this US firm, nearly 1 in 3 customers who would be in possession of a watch from the firm to the second generation apple, would have already owned the previous version. These therefore make the choice to switch to a faster model and more waterproof. But is this reason enough?


Despite very slight improvements, we see that many customers are always ready to closely follow the tracks of the apple, the idea of ​​swimming, to enjoy the GPS or the new processor S2, so seduced more than one !

In the same way, we also learn in this report that the average age of customers for this second generation of watches is higher. For almost 4 orders out of 10 spent, the customers would be 40 to 60 years old, whereas conversely customers interested in the first generation of Apple Watch belonged more to Generation Y (or iPod generation because the Y symbolizes the shape that draws the son of Apple earphones once worn) as a reminder, Generation Y represents people born between 1980 and 1995.
This explains a growing penetration rate for apple jewelry, as more and more people are interested and tend to abandon their favorite timekeeping for a watch much more connected, while retaining an attractive design and personalization of their own, given the many variations offered by the giant Cupertino.

In addition, the Apple Watch seduces more and more women, which is not easy for Apple because even in 38mm, many women find it too big …


At the level of the boxes, because of the very big marketing of Apple on the nylon bracelets and the aluminum boxes as well as at lower prices; it is observed here that Sport models are even more popular than before.


Finally, in terms of colors, black remains, just like last year, the flagship color and it does not matter if we are on a nylon or plastic strap.


And you? Generation X or Y? Who among you bought the Apple Watch Series II? Who already has the first version? Would you be able to leave your beautiful Swiss mechanical / automatic watch or your beautiful Japanese quartz for an American connected? We are waiting for your opinions in comment!