Some applications would share personal data with Facebook without the user’s consent

facebook scandale donnes Certaines applications partageraient avec Facebook des données personnelles sans laccord de lutilisateur

facebook scandal DES Certain applications would share personal data with Facebook without the user's consent

This is a new scandal who promises to Facebook after the Wall Street Journal revealed that some popular apps resell data personal to the firm created by Mark Zuckerberg, without warning users therefore without prior agreement.

Depending on the situation, sharing data to Facebook from a third-party application is instantaneous, as soon as the user enters his information. This information may relate health, thephysical activity or even financial datas.

Another problem arises: Facebook would collect certain data from users, even if they are not connected to Facebook and even more overwhelming, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Some applications in the viewfinder would be “Heart Rate” from Azuimo, which would share the heart rate at the same time as a user records it. Let us also mention “Flo: date of menstruation” which communicates the dates of menstruation for its users or even those who are trying to get pregnant.

In all cases, this is fairly personal data since Facebook would recover information on the properties visited, the usual restaurants, blood pressure…

For its part, Facebook says that certain data sharing seems to violate its commercial conditions. The firm asking developers not to send data concerning health, financial information or any other information that can be considered sensitive.

Apple and Google have not yet reacted yet.

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