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The Solitary for Android by Ken Magic turns out to be particularly nice. In the end, although the graphics offered are simplistic, you will appreciate its fluidity and the absence of advertising, which is rather rare for a free application. To discover !

To fight boredom in a waiting room or during a trip, there are several ways. If the book method still proves its worth, the “smartphone” is today one of the most effective modern solutions. Between browsing the internet, listening to music, the possibility of watching videos, viewing the news or even reading a digital book, the games always won the prize. With this in mind, Clubic invites you to discover one of the classics of the genre worn on Android!

Solitaire for Android includes four “Patience” type card games: Solitaire Standard, Spider, Freecell and Forty Thieves. If the rules vary from one to another, the principle remains the same. Using 52 cards arranged out of order on a carpet, the objective is to group them either by color or by hierarchy. With its sober graphics and clear menus, getting started is faster. You will just have to tap on “New Game” then select one of the four variants. You just need to select one or more cards and then drag and drop them in the right place. To facilitate movement, certain movements are carried out automatically and the cards are attracted to their locations in a “magnetic” manner.

In terms of options, you will be able to choose between two types of cards: classic or large print. In addition, you can activate the display of the stopwatch, modulate the automatic movements “Auto Move”, limit the distribution to a card for the standard solitaire or consult your statistics. Finally, note the presence of a “Undo” function, accessible via the back arrow, to return to your moves as well as “Save and Quit” to quickly save your current game.