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Snaptube is a handy application for Android to download free online music and videos directly to your Android smartphone or tablet. It supports many online audio and video platforms and allows fast downloading even if the advertisements are unfortunately numerous.

Like VidMate, Snaptube is a free application for downloading music and videos online directly to an Android phone or tablet. It is thus possible to download and play the last clip of his favorite artist after searching for it in the application and then making it available offline. However, small weakness: the application is not available on the Play Store.

How to install Snaptube?

To download Snaptube, download the APK file. For that, you can find it directly on this software page on Clubic. Once downloaded, you need to transfer the APK to your Android device (or you can download it directly from your phone).

Once the application file Snaptube on your device, go to your file manager and select it. Your phone will then possibly ask you to accept unknown sources (you must validate this step) and then to proceed with the installation. It’s good, you now have the application.

Snaptube: a search by category or keyword

With Snaptube, the user is able to search by keyword or according to the categories of the app such as Science, Entertainment, Music as well as suggestions such as funny kittens. The whole is very simple and effective even if very often, it is English videos that are highlighted.

Snaptube is compatible with many services

You can also search and upload videos to YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook. On this last point, the application offers audio or video downloading according to several resolutions. So you can also use the app to be able to download your MP3 files. No matter the resolution or format, these downloads are free.

Snaptube: getting started

The application is translated into French, which is a rather positive point. In a few seconds, once on the home page you understand how everything works. By default, the search is done on YouTube but you can then use the download features on other platforms mentioned above.

Downloading a video takes only a few seconds since a download button is located next to each thumbnail and title. It is then very simple and intuitive even if to be completely frank: the videos within the applications are not always relevant.

Side management of downloaded files, it’s classic. In a section with all your downloads you can find your video and audio files with one click. You will then be able to delete them or listen to them as you wish.

Yes Snaptube is in principle rather interesting, the application is not up to certain competitors. In addition, sometimes invasive advertising spoils the experience. We therefore recommend that you turn to an alternative like VidMate on Android.