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Snappy packages with Debian packages

This point had already been clarified by Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, when the community worried about a replacement of the Debian package system in favor of Snappy house technology.

Ubuntu-convergence-logoBefore the release of Ubuntu 16.04 next April 21 and which will be a version with long-term support (five years), Olli Ries, the responsible for product development Ubuntu Client Platform for Canonical, confirms once again that the support of packages snap will be done alongside the usual .deb packages.

The end user will therefore be able to install applications and snap packages but there will be no lines drawn for Debian packages. " Developers and communities can publish either debs or snaps for Ubuntu users. "

It remains to be seen whether the developers will take advantage of the tools at their disposal to make snap packages. Recall that a snap package can be used on computer, server, mobile as well as for the Internet of Things.

With Snappy, the idea is to preserve the base of the Ubuntu system by isolating it from the applications installed later. They have separate directories from each other thanks to AppArmor in the Linux kernel. " Users can install a snap without worrying about whether it will impact their other applications or their system "writes Olli Ries.

This technology should also avoid the headache of missing software dependencies for application developers. By fall 2016, most applications running on older versions of Ubuntu will automatically migrate from .deb format to snap.

" All the tens of thousands of applications and packages in the .deb format will continue to be supported in Ubuntu 16.04 and above, and the deb archives in particular will always be available for everyone ", concludes the head of Canonical.