Snapchat permanently bans Donald Trump for inciting violence

Snapchat in turn took action against Donald Trump. The US president was permanently banned from accessing his account on Wednesday. The move follows similar reactions from other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Snapchat USA
Credit: Solen Feyissa / Pexels

The series continues and does not seem to want to stop. After the Capitol attack, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube temporarily blocked Donald Trump’s account. One by one, the different platforms now ban definitivethe US president. The latest is therefore Snapchat, who announced this Wednesday permanently block the billionaire’s account “In the interest of public safety”.

“Last week, we announced a temporary suspension of President Trump’s Snapchat account, and have since reflected on long-term action that would be in the best interest of our community” the firm said in a statement. “Based on his attempts to spread false information, hate speech and incitement to violence, which are clear violations of our terms of service, we have made the decision to permanently ban his account” .

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Donald Trump loses access to all his social networks

Since the start of the week, the various social networks have taken one by one similar measures. Facebook was the first to ban Donald Trump’s account indefinitely, a decision that also cost the group 33.5 billion on the stock market. In turn, and also for reasons of violation of the terms of use by incitement to violence, Twitter has decided to suspend the account of the US president.

Only YouTube showed itself more chilly at the idea of ​​completely removing the channel from it. The video host preferred to opt for a blocking of at least 7 days, by resuming its usual system of “strikes”. Last June, Snapchat has stopped promoting Donald Trump’s account on his Discover page, not wishing “Give voice to voices inciting violence and racial injustice”, following the billionaire’s reactions to the George Floyd murder case.