Snapchat opens to third-party apps with Snap Kit

Snapchat opens to third-party apps with Snap Kit

The parent company of Snapchat instant messaging, Snap introduces Snap Kit. This platform for developers should allow them to integrate Snapchat functionalities into their applications and to interact with them.

The platform includes four tool kits. Creative Kit concerns the integration of filters, stickers, links and others directly on the Snapchat camera screen. Bitmoji Kit relates to the possibility of finding bitmoji stickers (customizable avatars) in third-party applications.

Postmates-Snap-Creative-Kit Tinder-Snap-Bitmoji-Kit

Story Kit allows you to integrate publicly shared Snapchat Stories into applications and services. Finally, and as you would expect, Login Kit is a login system so that users can log into an application with their Snapchat account.

Poshmark-Snapt-Kit-LoginIn the past, Snapchat has been criticized for its lack of openness towards third-party developers. It should be remembered that Snapchat had cleaned up on the side of third-party applications following a data leak at the end of 2013. Some 4.6 million users had been affected after the exploitation of a vulnerability in a API. We will also have to regain confidence …

Before any integration, each application must obtain the approval of Snap following an examination. To get started, a handful of partner applications are in the game. Among the few names mentioned, Tinder, Giphy, Patreon, SoundHound or even Zenly.

In a particularly tense context for everything related to the protection of privacy, Snap highlights several safeguards. In particular, for a connection with Snapchat, an application will only ask for a pseudonym and a Bitmoji.

In addition, if a user has not used an application for more than 90 days, it will be automatically logged out of their Snapchat account.