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Snapchat: how to add a deleted friend?

Sometimes we get carried away with a friend on social networks … and we block him. Once calmed, we regret its action but sometimes it is irreversible. On Snapchat, you can still fix this error.

Like any self-respecting social network, Snapchat allows you to block contacts. This will end all communication with the blocked contact in the future. But it will also prevent the possibility of finding the contact in question and its news.

Image 1: Snapchat: how to add a deleted friend?

If you still want to reconnect with a stranded person, the application keeps a register of the people you have banished. It allows you to add them again.

Remove your blockage in 30 seconds

Once connected to the Snapchat app, from the home screen, slide your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen to reveal your profile. Then click on the gear in the upper right to access the parameters. Scroll down until you find the “Blocked” menu, in the “Actions” section, and click it. You will then come to the list of contacts you have blocked on Snapchat.

Image 2: Snapchat: how to add a deleted friend?

To unblock a contact, find them in the list and simply click on the cross next to their name. Then validate to lift the blocking. You can now contact the unblocked person again and they can do the same.

To finish, you can therefore go to the contact search and type the name in question to find this contact. Finally click on the “Add” button to re-enter it in your friends list. Note that this last step is a function of the confidentiality parameters defined by the contact… some choosing to prohibit their appearance in the search results. However, it is still possible to add them by scanning their snapcode.

Image 3: Snapchat: how to add a deleted friend?

Last point: take into account that there can be a more or less long delay before a recently unlocked person can be added again in your friends list.

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