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Snapchat (.APK) 10.84

Snapchat is pleasant to use and fun. If this application wants to promise a certain anonymity, it should not be forgotten that the company preserves the data of the users, and that a simple screenshot cancels the expiration of the photo.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an application that allows users to send photos and videos to each other with a limited lifespan. Invented by Evan Spiegle to allow her friends to send her nude photos, it quickly became a reference, especially among teenagers.

How it works ?

First, note that it is necessary to create an account Snapchat in order to take advantage of the service. Once this is done, the user will be able to send photos or videos made with the app to their contacts, specifying the lifespan of the app before “self-destruction”; 10 seconds being the maximum. He can also add a text of around sixty characters, draw on it or add filters, animated or not, paid or not.

Note, and this is important, that the media produced are not stored in the phone memory.

Once opened by the recipients, the images are displayed for the duration determined by the sender and then delete themselves.

Warning ! Whatever happens, the recipient (s) of your photos or videos on Snapchat can still take screenshots and therefore, despite the automatic deletion system, save your “messages”.

We advise, especially young audiences, to be careful not to communicate by Snapchat images which they may regret the subsequent dissemination.

Instant messaging :

On the instant messaging side, Snapchat has gained further popularity with its latest update. Users can now chat, by writing longer messages. However, these texts are not temporary.

Snapchat Story:

Finally, the user can add the photos taken to his story, a sort of timeline. These will then be available for 24 hours, to contacts or to everyone depending on the setting of the parameters.

The interface:

Visually, Snapchat is very refined but that does not always work in its favor. Indeed the user of the application for Android or iOS may initially experience some difficulties in finding certain functionality (accessible only by swiping left or right for example).