Smoke Free: a good app to stop smoking

Smoke Free: a good app to stop smoking

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smoke-free-to-finish-with-it ipa iphoneSmoke Free – Ending the Cigarette (App, iPhone, v3.3.2, 4.5 / 5, VF, 81 MB, iOS 8.0, David Crane) has existed for 3 years on the App Store but it's time to present it to you.

Why ? For two main reasons:

  • The application has just been translated into French
  • This is the month to stop smoking in France

But what's the point of Smoke Free?

Stopping smoking is not an easy thing (that's what they say) and it often takes a trigger at the start. Then the hardest comes. It must indeed be strong not to relapse and that's where Smoke Free comes in.

In the manner of a coach, the application offers you to present several interesting metrics such as savings, the number of cigarettes renounced, the number of hours without smoking but also your ability to really feel and taste things , your breathing ability, your cough, etc.

FYI, the calculations around your health (oxygen, blood circulation, ability to smell, etc.) are made from the results obtained scientifically with clinical studies.

Start Smoke Free

When starting the app, you will have a direct compliment: you have taken the first step! Then the application will ask you to go directly to the PRO version (not useful at first) and especially some information on your habits: number of cigarettes per pack, package price, number of cigarettes smoked per day, how long after your awakening smoke and the date of stop. Once done, you have your first badge! Note that the application is compatible with Apple Watch, convenient in case of stress to monitor its progress 🙂

The challenges of Smoke Free

Once set up, you can use Smoke Free to set goals, such as giving you a gift once you reach a certain figure in the savings section for example. But perhaps the most interesting and motivating thing is the rewards you can get by becoming a non-smoker. Daily challenges (pay) and badges to win after X days of abstinence! A little like the "move goals" on Apple Watch.

A word about in-apps They are only useful for daily challenges or making a donation. The price of daily missions is € 6.99.

Download Smoke Free

smoke-free-to-finish-with-it ipa iphonesmoke-free-to-finish-with-it ipa iphone