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Smartphones: the most used cameras

Smartphones: the most used cameras

According to an NPD study in the United States, the iPhone has become the most popular camera, ahead of the Nikon D90. Smartphones are now more used than cameras, the percentage of photos taken by smartphone having risen from 17 to 27% in one year.

People are more and more likely to take a photo on the spot and share it on social media in the crowd. In such conditions, it makes more sense for smartphones to pull out of the game. In any case, this revealed an NPD survey, which measured the use of different types of cameras and compared the data. with those of last year.

Thus, if smartphones gain more than 10% of use in a year, traditional cameras decline, from 52 to 44%. It must be said that technological change, more efficient cameras than in the past on smartphones and the numerous instant retouching applications have undoubtedly played their part in these changes in habits. And of these smartphones, it’siPhone 4 who won the gold medal by becoming "the most used camera" in front of … the Nikon D90! The latter is considered by many to be the ultimate semi-pro camera.

"There's no question that the smartphone is getting pretty good at photography," said Liz Cutting, executive director at NPD. "People who use their smartphone to take photos do it most often in a spontaneous action, but for important moments, cameras and cameras are always the most suitable devices" she continues.

So while the market for traditional cameras is collapsing little by little, the market for "pros" or "semi-pros", generally including several detachable lenses, is enjoying the same growth as smartphones. The increase in sales of such devices would be 12%, for an average selling price of $ 863. The same goes for cameras with optical zoom of 10x or more, which see their market share increase by 16% in one year.

In the end, the smartphone market seems to be vampirizing that of basic digital cameras, while the SLRs are getting a bit of a beating among photo enthusiasts. A radical change in the way of living day-to-day photography which is intimately linked to technological evolution.

Source: PRWeb

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