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smartphones and tablets for photo enthusiasts at CES 2015

smartphones and tablets for photo enthusiasts at CES 2015

Kodak has suffered a few setbacks in recent years, mainly because the company did not believe in the shift to digital photography (although the first digital camera was developed by one of its engineers, to top it all off), and the firm had to part with a large part of its patents and carry out heavy restructuring to raise the bar.

Kodak logo The firm which indicated that it specializes in professional printing, however, wishes to return to the consumer electronics sector. A few weeks ago, we mentioned a foray by the brand into the sports camera sector, today the brand says it is investing in the smartphone market with a model that will be presented at CES in Las Vegas in a few days.

It was with Bullitt Group that the smartphones in question were developed, all of them will be offered on Android and will be oriented towards photography, in particular with a set of software suitable for retouching.

Kodak should be behind the digital sensor that will equip these smartphones. The firm has solid experience in the field, since it is already at the origin of certain sensors installing in boxes offered by the Leica brand.

Should we see the arrival of a serious competitor to the Lumia range, adapted for Android? The sensor will not do everything, and it will be necessary to judge the technical data sheet of the terminals, but also their price, an element which has become essential today given the proliferation of players specializing in low cost mobiles.