Slowness in the animations of some iPhone XS

Slowness in the animations of some iPhone XS

iphone xs iconIf you noticed annoying slowdowns in the animations of your iPhone XS … you're not the only one.

Testimonies on this subject are multiplying online and the Americans of 9to5Mac take advantage of it to publish an illustrative video. If some unsuspecting users will not notice anything because the slowdown is rather discrete, others will quickly get annoyed with this detail bcl.

iphone xs slowdown

Some iPhone XS rament

The problem affects the iPhone XS and XS Max. To find out, it is necessary to turn on the screen of the device, do nothing for ten seconds then open an application for example.

This problem would exist as well on iOS 12, as on versions 12.1 or 12.2. For now, Apple has announced no official solution, but now that the specialized press has seized the question, we imagine that some developers have been responsible for solving the problem.

In the meantime, several users advise disabling FaceTime in particular, but that does not solve the problem for everyone visibly.