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Slower growth for tablets due to smartphones

The real threat is Samsung, not Xiaomi

With their ever-widening display diagonals, smartphones could only cannibalize sales of touch pads in the long run, especially those of compact 7-inch models. When they switch to 5.5 inch and larger smartphones, users generally don’t see much interest in using a touch pad, especially for a screen that is only slightly larger. Especially since they end up with one device instead of two.

Xiaomi Mi Note (1) Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (1) The 5.7-inch Mi Note and Mi Note Pro just announced by Xiaomi (click to enlarge)

And this is precisely what confirms the chip manufacturer MediaTek, according to which the rise of phablet format smartphones will have a serious impact on the tablet market in 2015. For the first time, in fact, the growth of the touchscreen tablet market should drop below 10%. According to society’s estimates, we’ll talk about 9% this year. In comparison, the global volume reached 260 million units in 2014, compared to 217 million in 2013, representing growth of 19.8%.