Slideshows on your Freebox HD

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Always more services on the Freebox HDThe Univers Freebox site reveals that among the innovations linked to the appearance of the latest firmwareFirmware. Software which is present on a chip of a hardware component (motherboard, peripheral, telephone, camera, etc.) and which in org… from the FreeboxMultifunction ADSL modem designed by the access provider Free (aka Illiad). The Freebox is a proprietary box developed by Free and supplied to… HD figures the possibility of playing slide shows on its television.

The first testers thus noted a nice CoverFlow effect.

Import your photos

How to create a slideshow? In fact, you have to go through FTPFile Transfer Protocol. File transfer protocol. Internet protocol centered on the exchange of files between two machines, a server and… Free, create a dedicated directory and place all the images of your choice. Then, by switching on your television, go to this directory and click on any image to launch your slideshow. You then have various options, such as rotating photos, moving forward or backward in the slideshow, etc.

Another solution is to connect your APN directlyAbbreviation for Digital Camera…. on the Freebox HD via one of its two USB portsBus connection by cable from external devices which is today the most widespread standard. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard appeared….

To be sure you have the latest firmware and therefore benefit from this option, consider rebooting your Freebox. If you are Freenaute, will you try this new service?

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