Slide’n Joy: two or three screens for your laptop

Slide'n Joy: two or three screens for your laptop

Image 1: Slide'n Joy: two or three screens for your laptopThe concept of Slide’N Joy allows you to add up to two screens to your laptop

If the multi-screen can be practical for a desktop computer, it can be more complicated to set up in mobility with a laptop. A Belgian company will therefore soon launch a project on Kickstarter to simplify the process.

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Slide N’Joy is a foldable screen system to attach to your laptop to benefit not from a single monitor, but up to three screens in one. It is a tablet that you can unfold and attach to the back of your computer. Once plugged in USB, it provides additional high-definition displays.

The system is both compatible with computers running Windows and Apple MacBooks. To do this, simply plug a plug into a USB 3.0 port on the laptop, or two USB 2.0 ports, both to power the screens and to manage the display.

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Several models are already planned for the Belgian team. Sizes indeed go 13 to 17 inches going through 15 inches at launch. It is also possible to choose between the model with one or two screens in addition to that of the laptop.

The Slide’N Joy project will be launched on July 6 on KickStarter. The company intends to market the model with a screen from 199 euros, while the two-screen model will be sold from 299 euros depending on the size and materials.

Sliden’Joy: the world’s first triple screen for your laptop!