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Free, practical, in French, Skype undeniably a MUST! Stay in touch without counting by video, audio or instant messaging and all very simply.

The benchmark for instant messaging on Android

00C8000006094066-photo-skype-andoid-v4.jpgAvailable for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android, Skype allows you to make free voice and video calls as well as instant messages, but also to call landline numbers in France and abroad.

Supporting multitasking, you will be able to receive a call whether the application is open or in standby. Technically the whole can work as well in 3G as in WiFi.

How to use it ?

Once connected with its Skype or Microsoft identifiers, the app presents an accessible interface arranged in 3 tabs: Highlights, Conversations and Capture.

Highlights include the updated captures and statuses of all Skype contacts. Conversations include all the discussions in progress. It is possible to send messages, make voice calls to another Skype contact or to fixed or mobile numbers at reduced prices. Finally, the Capture tab allows you to take photos and videos to share them in highlights or send them to contacts.

Its grip

Very simple and pleasant to take in hand, Skype is a must-have already downloaded to Android over a hundred million times.

The latest news about Skype: – Skype 7.21 is available on Windows and OS X- Microsoft closes Skype for connected TVs- Skype invites itself on and Office Online- Paul McCartney composed music … for Skype emoticons- Skype hides by default IP addresses to avoid DDoS attacks